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About the artist

Alisondra is a Denver-based artist working primarily in painting.  She recently graduated with her BFA from Colorado State University and has shown her work across Northern Colorado and the Denver area. She’s currently pursuing her interest in the idea of ‘hauntings’ and haunted spaces as a state of psychological association, creating airy, low-contrast oil paintings that use specific lighting and color variation within white tones to highlight empty interior spaces with reverent and melancholy atmospheres.

While in school, her investigation of memory and association started with painting figures directly, describing intimacy and connection in small moments or gestures, but as she continued to explore these ideas, her curiosity turned towards the echoes of those experiences, the fingerprints of attachment, brought on by instances of loss and isolation in her own life over the past two years. Her recent work is primarily about the residue of human touch that builds up in ourselves and in the objects and spaces around us. As she continues painting, she is looking for objects and spaces that feel weighed down by memory, to the point of almost becoming figures in their own right, with their own agency and gravity in the world.

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